Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Going Bananas!

So I sold my second cake last Friday! Here are a few pics so you can check it out. He turned out sooo cute. The cake was devil's food and the icing was homemade chocolate buttercream. All the figures and polka dots are made of fondant and gumpaste. Now I'm busy planning my Christmas cakes and trying to find the time to get everything done! Wish me luck -♥


  1. omg, I just realized that I took the same title to your melting snowmen cookie...I am so sorry! I guess I saw yours on here and when I lokoed them up on cakecentral I forgot where I first saw them.
    I feel so bad! I read so many sites I forget what I see! Please forgive me!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! That's no problem, I don't mind at all, I look at tons of sites too!